On March 15, 2024, the annual Gradus conference was held at the Azimut Olimik Hotel. Managers and managers made reports on the work done in 2023. Departmental meetings were also held, where departments working closely with each other conducted an in-depth analysis of work processes.
Gleb Makin, Executive Director of GRADUS, spoke about the growth and development of the company, focusing on key successes that contributed to rapid progress. Gleb also introduced the audience to the strategic goals and long-term plans for 2024, emphasizing the company's ambitions to continue to lead in its field.
Alexey Orekhov shared his observations on the transformation of the outsourcing sector, focusing on the evolution of this area. Alexey highlighted the importance of synergy between different departments within the department, discussed the key factors that contribute to effective interaction. The head also shared his achievements, presented a strategy and announced plans for the coming year regarding further development and progress in outsourcing. 
Evgeny Akentiev, who holds the position of Director of Development and head of merchandising, shared the impressive achievements of the team in the field of merchandising and data analytics over the past year. He described in detail the key challenges that the team faced in its work, and highlighted the strategies and solutions that made it possible to successfully overcome these obstacles. 
Sergo Stepanov, Director of the IT Department, made a report on the work done in 2023. In his report, the head elaborated on the key areas of the department's activities, highlighted important updates in the IT infrastructure. The head also introduced the audience to important services that the department interacts with on a regular basis, and presented his own development called SIERRA. In conclusion, he shared ambitious plans for the coming year aimed at further development and optimization of work in the IT field.
Tatyana Davydova, who holds the position of HR Director, provided a detailed overview of the structure of her department, covering the competencies and key functions of the team. She spoke about the recruitment and selection processes, highlighting aspects of HR work in the company. Tatiana also shared notable achievements in the field of human resource management and announced ambitious plans for the coming year, emphasizing the desire for further development and improvement of HR practices.

Within the framework of the second stage of the conference, meetings were held organized according to the principles of team building, which helped to strengthen mutual understanding between employees of various departments. The participants had a unique opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange views on current activities, identify existing obstacles in communication and propose effective methods to solve them. An open and constructive dialogue has led to a number of valuable insights that both employees and management plan to integrate into their daily work practices, thus striving to increase overall productivity and team cohesion.