If you have reliable information about fraud, corruption, illegal actions, intentional damage to property, signs of a conflict of interest, unethical behavior on the part of employees or partners of the Gradus company, use the Gradus Trust phone number.
GRADUS Helpline hotline
Please note that the Gradus of Trust telephone line is anonymous and is not intended to collect personal data.

A monetary reward is provided for providing significant information!!!

How to use the helpline?

You can provide information by calling the helpline:
+7 (800) 301-57-31 (toll-free within Russia)

Or use the feedback form:

Describe in detail the situation at hand

Have in mind that the line of trust should not be used to spread false or discrediting information about the honor and dignity of employees of the organization, to make reservations out of a sense of revenge or for hooligan motives